Transport system in Moldova is quite well developed. There are busses, trolleybuses and microbuses available for service. There are single usage and monthly tickets available in Moldova for trolleybuses. Busses and microbusses function independently from this system and only single usage tickets are available for them (bought at the entrance to a bus or microbus from its driver). “Single usage tickets“ in Moldova means that a ticket may be used only on one mean of the transportation and only for one non-stop ride. All routs, schedules, distances and other information about public transportation in Moldova is available on internet address ttps://

Taxi as alternative mean of transportation in Moldova is not as expensive as in other European cities. There are 30 taxi services operating throughout the city and its suburbs. There are three taxi companies which operate at the airport.  Prices vary across company/individual taxi driver, and it is fairly inconsistent. Expect prices between 30-60 MDL (2-4 EUR) for shorter rides and 50-150 MDL (3-8 EUR) for longer rides. Also you can order a taxi through the iTaxi program, this one being the first and most popular taxi application in Moldova and was launched in 2012.


By taxi it would cost you about 100-150 MDL (5-8 EUR) to get to the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova. It is advised to agree with the taxi driver about the price before entrance to a taxi. Although the taxi drivers are obligated to switch on a taximeter on the beginning of the trip. By public transportation: From the Airport, you can take minibus No. 165. Single minibus ticket, valid for one journey on one unit of transportation costs 3.00 MDL (0.15 EUR) and should be bought from a bus driver. Total length of travel by public transportation from the Airport to the Academy od Economic Studies of Moldova is about 50 minutes.


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